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Redbook.cc , the key that unlocks the world.

Redbook.cc is an ultimate interactive tool for searching passport, residencies programs, visa information and relocation information in the world.

Redbook.cc is the best for tourists, immigrants, digital nomads, expats and immigration agencies. it is the leading tool for discovering real-time global ranking of the world’s passports, updated as frequently as new visa waivers and changes are implemented.

Redbook.cc contains more than 120,000 world cities, over 50 million data, updated and analyzed daily, so that the majority of immigration enthusiasts get the most comprehensive information, can dive in the fascinating world of passports, explore their designs, sort them by country, region and even by color. For the first time ever, they can compare passports side by side and even explore how they can improve their Personal Mobility Score by adding additional passports. At the same time, enthusiasts can also compare the rankings of economy, law and order, cost of living, innovation, and peace country by country, city by city. That's insanely great! Please believe us, this is unique on the planet and unprecedented.

Redbook.cc also features residencies program, the comprehensive channels curating residency-related news, and views on global mobility, security, cost of living, technology, GDP, CRS, and visa policies from around the world.

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