Temporary residence visa Residencies Plan of Ecuador (South America)

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Temporary residence visa

Under the Ley Orgánica de Movilidad Humana (Human Mobility Act) a foreign national may apply for a temporary residency visa, if he or she certifies sufficient means of subsistence (about US$1,000 per month). Dependents may be included, but the amount required may be higher.

The temporary residency visa is granted for a two-year period, with the possibility of a single renewal for two more years, as long as the holder is not absent from the country for more than 90 days per year cumulative within the period of residence. After the third year of residency, a foreign national may apply for citizenship or permanent residency.


Temporary Residency Requirements:
- Valid passport, travel document or identity recognized through International Instruments.
- Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or in which he / she has resided during the last five years, prior to his / her arrival in Ecuadorian territory.
- Proof of sufficient means of subsistence in Ecuador.
- Join the public social security system or purchase a private health insurance.
- Payment of the Fee set by the Migration Authorities.
- Certificate of Migration

Citizenship requirements:
- Continuous and legal residence of at least three years in Ecuador.
- Be an adult / consent of minor’s parents or legal guardians.
- Birth certificate or supplementary test duly legalized and translated into Spanish.
- Copy of the identity document or copy of the valid passport, duly legalized.
- Knowledge of the patriotic symbols of Ecuador
- Attend an interview, explaining the reasons for the will to acquire Ecuadorian nationality.
- Proof of sufficient economic means for subsist in the country.

Restricted Nationalities

No nationality is officially restricted

dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is recognized in Ecuador. You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Ecuador.

Documents Required

  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • Original Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of income
  • Receipt of payment of fees
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Affidavit of support for Dependents
  • Two passport-size photos
  • dual citizenship Yes
  • Family members included Yes
  • land ownership Yes
  • Physical residence required Yes
  • Personal visit required No
  • Language skills required No
  • Interview required No
  • Investment Single -
  • Investment Family 4 -
  • Minimum annual income $12,000
  • Time to citizenship 36
  • Time to permanent residency 21
  • Visa-free countries 81
  • Financing available No


The Republic of Ecuador is a Latin American country and associate member of the MERCOSUR. Located in the northwestern part of South America, bordered by Colombia and Peru by land and Costa Rica by sea, its territory is split by a volcanic section of the Andes mountain range. To the east lies the dense Amazon Rainforest. To the west, the Gulf of Guayaquil, lined by the Pacific Ocean, and overlooking the incredible natural landscapes of the Galapagos Islands. Old colonial towns, multicultural communities, volcanoes and an exciting flora and fauna are all in abundance. Ecuador has also been called the most bio-diverse country in the world.It has over 16,200,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Quito, although its most populated city is Guayaquil. Despite being a Spanish-speaking country, there are more than 13 recognized indigenous languages. Ecuador’s economy is officially dollarized. The US$ is the only legal tender currency since 2001.

  • National Flag of:Ecuador
  • Currency:USD
  • Area Code:593
  • Capital:Quito
  • Continent:South America
  • Native Languages:Spanish
  • Population:14,790,608


With your new passport from Ecuador you'll be able to access 81 countries visa free

citizenship benefits Visa-free or Visa on arrival to 81 countries including China Russia South Korea Visa-free access to China Visa-free access to Russia Low cost citizenship The right to live and work in Ecuador at all times and all the rights associated with membership of the Mercosur Access to educational and healthcare benefits permanent residency benefits The right to live and work in Ecuador without any time limit Be eligible for citizenship in a short period of time Travel visa-free across Mercosur temporary residency benefits Warm climate Be eligible for permanent residency in a short period of time Low cost of living Fast and easy process Low cost program Peaceful democratic and politically stable country Access to healthcare and education system


processing fees main applicant $50
certificate issuance fee $400
total fees main applicant $450
processing fees spouse $50
certificate issuance fee $400
total fees spouse $450
processing fees dependents -18 $50
certificate issuance fee $400
total fees dependent -18 $450
processing fees dependents 18-25 $50
certificate issuance fee $400
total fees dependent 18-25 $450
processing fees dependents +65 $50
certificate issuance fee $400
total fees dependent +65 $450


To be a tax resident an individual must have a habitual domicile in Ecuador, or have spent more than half the year in Ecuador. Individuals can be exempted if they have a habitual domicile outside the country and can prove that they do not intend to reside in Ecuador.

Tax residents are subject to Personal Income Tax on their worldwide income, while non-residents are taxed on their Ecuadorian-source income.

Tax residents’ foreign income may not be subject to tax, if it is proved that this income is already taxed abroad.

The personal income tax rate is progressive up to 55%. Capital gains are subject to income tax. The financial yield on long-term investments negotiated through the stock market is tax exempt. Dividends received from resident entities are subject to tax, while those from foreign sources are exempt. Interest from deposits and savings accounts is tax-exempt.

Inheritances and gifts are taxed at a progressive tax rate up to 35%.

There are several local or regional taxes: urban property, rainwater drainage, fire insurance, individual and corporate net worth, state university funds, firefighters, property transfer,

Regarding corporate taxation, corporate income is usually taxed at a standard rate of 25%, although lower rates may apply for certain re-invested profits. Capital Gains are included in the taxable income and dividends are tax exempt, provided that are already taxed on source. Learn more about Ecuador’s corporate taxes and legal framework at incorporations.io/ecuador.

Property tax Yes
Transfer tax Yes
Inheritance tax Yes
Net worth tax No
CFC law No
Tax residency days 183
Personal income tax rate 35%
Capital Gains tax rate 35%
Investment income tax rate 35%
Territorial taxation No

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