Investor Visa Residencies Plan of Vanuatu (Oceania)

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Investor Visa

If you wish to invest in Vanuatu and obtain a residency permit, you can apply for an Investor visa.

The visa's duration of validity will vary according to the investment amount:
- VUV15,000,000 for a 3-year residence visa,
- VUV25,000,000 for a 5-year residence visa.
- VUV50,000,000 for a 10-year residence visa.
- VUV100,000,000 for a 15-year residence visa.

The visa is renewable provided that you still keep the investment. The investment must be approved by the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority (VIPA), and must be made in an active business or a productive activity that provides benefit to the country. Investments such as real estate or bonds do not qualify for this visa category.

You must pay in advance a fee VUV20,000 for each year of the visa’s validity.

Your dependents may apply for a residency, tied to your residence permit.

After 10 years holding a residence visa you may be eligible for citizenship by naturalization.


- Company structure, including copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and structure details.
- CV or personal profile for the / each investor.;
- Copy(ies) of police clearances (less than 3 months old) for the investor(s) .
- Business summary (i.e., business description, location (municipality / province) management, staffing and including profitability (profit and loss) projections for the first 3 years.
- Training plan for citizens.
- Full details of any work permits required for non-citizen employees, i.e., position descriptions - these are normally for management / specialist positions that are not expected / are difficult to be filled locally.
- Comment on the environmental impact of the business, if applicable, and whether there must be consultation with the Environment Unit to determine if an environmental impact assessment will be necessary.
- Valid foreign investment approval certificate from VIPA
- Police clearance (original) for each person applying for a residence permit over the age of 18.
- Letter from a local bank verifying the deposit in a trust covering the total amount of a one-way return ticket(s) for those persons applying for residence permits.
- Statutory declaration for each person applying for a residence permit over the age of 18 listing all criminal offenses they have been convicted of during past 10 years.
- Proof of sufficient funds to make the investment (either cash or assets).

Restricted Nationalities

No nationality is officially restricted

dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is recognized in Vanuatu. You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Vanuatu.

Documents Required

  • Original Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Business Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Three passport-size photos
  • Bank Statement
  • Original Bank Reference Letter (Not older than 6 month)
  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • dual citizenship Yes
  • Family members included Yes
  • land ownership No
  • Physical residence required No
  • Personal visit required No
  • Language skills required No
  • Interview required No
  • Investment Single $50,000
  • Investment Family 4 $50,000
  • Minimum annual income -
  • Time to citizenship 120
  • Time to permanent residency
  • Visa-free countries 113
  • Financing available No


The Republic of Vanuatu is a former English-French protectorate, made up of a stunning archipelago of 83 islands of volcanic origin surrounded by coral reefs, covering more than 12,000 sq. km of the South Pacific Ocean. It's located 1750 km from Australia, 500 km northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea. The islands have a population of 267,000 inhabitants. Its capital, most populated city and economic and commercial center is Port Vila, located in Efate Island, which has the most important port and airport of the country. Its official languages are Bislama, French and English. Its official currency is the Vanuatu Vatu.

  • National Flag of:Vanuatu
  • Currency:VUV
  • Area Code:678
  • Capital:Port Vila
  • Continent:Oceania
  • Native Languages:, English, French
  • Population:221,552


With your new passport from Vanuatu you'll be able to access 113 countries visa free

citizenship benefits Visa-free or Visa on arrival to 113 countries including Schengen Area United Kingdom Singapore Visa-free access to Russia temporary residency benefits Peaceful democratic and politically stable country No personal direct taxes Low crime rate country Warm climate Low tax jurisdiction Be eventually eligible for citizenship


government fees main applicant $20
due diligence fees main applicant $20
processing fees main applicant 57
600 vatu
passport fee $160
total fees main applicant $70
government fees spouse $10
due diligence fees spouse $10
processing fees spouse $10
passport fee $160
total fees spouse $30
due diligence fees dependents -18 -
processing fees dependents -18 2
400 vatu
passport fee $160
total fees dependent -18 $160
government fees dependents 18-25 $10
processing fees dependents 18-25 $5
passport fee $160
total fees dependent 18-25 $25
government fees dependents +65 $15
due diligence fees dependents +65 $10
processing fees dependents +65 $5
passport fee $160
total fees dependent +65 $30


The income of Vanuatu citizens or residents is free of any kind of local taxes, whether the income is remitted or not. Vanuatu is a low tax and offshore jurisdiction free from personal income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and wealth tax.

Lands in Vanuatu are not freehold. Properties can be leased for up to 50 years for residential lots and 75 for commercial ones. Land lease is subject to a 2% registration fee and 5% stamp duty on the unimproved capital value.

Value-added tax (VAT) in Vanuatu is 12.5%.

Regarding corporate taxation, companies incorporated in Vanuatu are free from income taxes, dividend distribution taxes, capital gains taxes and withholding taxes.

Companies incorporated under the Companies Act are entitled to do business within the country. Those incorporated under the International Companies Act may have restrictions to do business with residents, but may benefit from confidentiality, no filling requirements and may be guaranteed for a full tax exemption for 20 years.

Learn more about corporate taxation, legal framework and tax treaties at

This should not be construed as tax advice. Flag Theory | Passports.IO has access to a global network of qualified attorneys and accountants who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances. Contact us for further information.

Property tax Yes
Transfer tax Yes
Inheritance tax No
Net worth tax No
CFC law No
Tax residency days 183
Personal income tax rate 0%
Capital Gains tax rate 0%
Investment income tax rate 0%
Territorial taxation Yes

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